Platinum Business Focused Maintenance (PBFM)

Our objective when utilising this solution is to achieve a level of maintenance, which matches the unique strategic service requirements of individual locations. By eliminating risk and the consequences of failure we create a programme of maximum availability and quality.

Traditionally, maintenance has involved preventive maintenance schedules that contain generic tasks and operate on fixed frequencies, which often have no connection to the business needs of the occupiers or the actual plant loading and use.


During the initial engagement, we will review where Platinum Business Focused Maintenance (PBFM) techniques could be introduced to customers building services assets. On average our customers switching to PFBM save on their annual contract costs.

PBFM involves monitoring plant and equipment and identifying when works are required before failure. The monitoring is non-intrusive and does not require the shutdown of plant or equipment and provides an early warning of impending failure.

Based on our knowledge and experience of business critical environments Platinum would consider the introduction of the following Condition Based Maintenance techniques:

  Acoustic monitoring
  Vibration analysis
  Thermal imaging
  Oil analysis

This is particularly advantageous for many environments as remedial works can then be carried out at a convenient time and resources scheduled accordingly. The number of failures is reduced and unnecessary works are not carried out. PFBM is particularly advantageous for highly critical items of plant and equipment. As these cannot be easily or conveniently shut down for maintenance works.

Further advantages of PFBM are that safety risks are substantially reduced, as failure is far less likely. It is also more environmentally efficient as spares and consumables such as oils are only used when they need to be. PFBM can identify how well the plant or equipment is operating, thereby ensuring that efficiency is maximised which will aid the reduction of energy costs and environmental impact.

Click the link to watch the PFMS video on the benefits of a conditioned based maintenance approach over a Planned Preventative maintenance routine.